PEC0565 "A Hora é Agora-São Paulo" - HIV self-test implementation study: Defining where and how to distribute testing kits to optimize uptake and diagnosis among MSME-posterC34
PEC0561 "Be You. Be HIV Free." Lessons from a PrEP social media campaign for YMSM and transgender youth of colorE-posterC33
"Break the chain": Review of administrative and health systems response to the COVID-19 pandemic by India's tropical state of KeralaE-posterE51
PEF1829 "Nothing about us without us": Legal actions against the penalization of clients by sex workers and community-based organizations in FranceE-posterF36
PED0814 "There's not even a potential rule book for any of this": A qualitative study of challenges and coping mechanisms among US parents who internationally adopt children living with HIVE-posterD12
PEE1625 "You are not benefiting us by keeping us away": Why do some eligible people on antiretroviral therapy (ART) decline to participate in Ethiopia's appointment spacing model with 6-month ART dispensing?E-posterE42
PEF1783 #DrugReformNow ' 21st century cross-sector campaigning for radical change in ScotlandE-posterF21
PED1288 #IYKWIM'¦ What AGYW really think about PrEP, HIV services and how we talk to them (#IYKWIM - If you know what I mean)E-posterD63
PDD0103 #MenOfPrEP: Engagement of online community influencers and the use of sex-positive messaging in creating awareness of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with men in the PhilippinesPoster exhibitionD51
PED1132 2019 World AIDS Day adolescent & young people oral presentation: Using social media as a tool to engage young people in HIV/AIDS programming and responseE-posterD39
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