PEA0086 Use of traditional medicines and effect of clay-based remedies in pregnant HIV-positive womenE-posterA34
PEA0087 Pharmacokinetics and safety of long-acting tenofovir alafenamide implants in macaques for HIV preventionE-posterA34
OAA0102 Low levels of intact proviral DNA in HIV elite controllers associate with cell-associated HIV RNA and protective HLA allelesOral abstract session with live Q&AA4
OAA0103 In-depth characterization of full-length archived HIV genomes in long-term post-treatment and natural HIV controllers (ANRS CODEX/iVISCONTI Cohort)Oral abstract session with live Q&AA4
OAA0106 Virological and immunological evaluation of individuals with spontaneous persistent viral control without ARTOral abstract session with live Q&AA4
PEA0019 Strengths and trials for translational research-to-policy developments in UgandaE-posterA4
PEA0020 Characterization of Gag mutations in HIV-1 subtype A long-term non-progressorsE-posterA4
PDA0205 TILRR modulates production of proinflammatory cytokines and promote leukocytes migration and may be a novel target to prevent HIV-1 vaginal infectionPoster exhibitionA5
PEA0021 Escape of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein from restriction of infection by IFITM3E-posterA5
PEA0022 What's sex got to do with it? Understanding the potential for confounding and exposure misclassification due to vaginal sex in studies of biological mechanisms associated with HIV acquisitionE-posterA5
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