PEA0055 DUSQ (DNA ultra-sensitive quantification): A new technology for quantifying the HIV unintegrated linear DNA responsible for pre-integrative latencyE-posterA14
PEA0057 Diversity of the replication-competent HIV reservoir in patients with different treatment historyE-posterA16
PEA0058 Quantification and characterization of HIV reservoirs in individuals treated during hyper-acute infectionE-posterA16
PEA0059 Intragenic PU-boxes control HIV-1 transcription and replication in myeloid lineagesE-posterA16
PEA0060 Safety and efficacy of copper-64 labelled 3BNC117 combined with PET/MRI to image HIVE-posterA16
PEA0061 Identification of novel compounds that reactivate HIV replication from latently infected CD4 T cellsE-posterA18
PEA0062 Epigenetic silencing siRNA delivered to the nucleus of HIV-1 infected cells via nanoparticle systemE-posterA20
PEA0063 Dual bromodomain-histone deacetylase inhibitors designed as latency-reversing agentsE-posterA21
PEA0064 Chronic HIV-1 patients on treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors have a low reservoir size and active cytotoxic cell populationsE-posterA21
PEA0065 Alternative 'morning after' rectal or vaginal administration approach for post-exposure prophylaxis of HIVE-posterA22
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