PEB0138 Screening and treatment strategies for latent tuberculosis infection in newly HIV diagnosed people living in low-endemic country: A simulation for ItalyE-posterB10
PEB0139 A comparative analysis of adherence and completion rates in TB preventive therapy (TPT) among people living with HIV on 3-months & 6-months multi-months ART dispensingE-posterB10
PEB0140 High prevalence of venous thromboembolic disease among HIV patients co-infected with drug-resistant TB in LesothoE-posterB10
PEB0141 Do people living with HIV/AIDS know and adhere to isoniazid preventive therapy?: Findings from selected facilities in South-East NigeriaE-posterB10
PEB0142 Sensitivity and specificity of Xpert Ultra and predictive value of symptoms of tuberculosis in patients newly diagnosed with HIVE-posterB10
PEB0143 Survival of tuberculosis/HIV co-infected patients between 2009 and 2013E-posterB10
PEB0144 The frequency and yield of cryptococcal antigen screening among newly diagnosed and anti-retroviral therapy experienced HIV patients in rural UgandaE-posterB11
PEB0145 CMV co-infection in HIV elite controllers: Importance for disease progression and inflammationE-posterB11
PEB0146 Pathogenic spectrum and clinical characteristics of pulmonary filamentous fungal infection in AIDS patients in Guangdong areaE-posterB11
PEB0147 Severe anaemia is associated with latent tuberculosis among people living with HIVE-posterB11
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