OAA0205 Combining a conditional suicide gene with CCR5 knockout for anti-HIV gene therapyOral abstract session with live Q&AA20
OAA0204 Tyrosine kinase inhibitors promote antiviral resistance in CD4+ T cells against HIV-1 infection even after treatment withdrawalOral abstract session with live Q&AA21
OAA0203 Infection outcome in RT-SHIV infected macaques treated early with antiretroviral therapy alone or in combination with the TLR7 agonist vesatolimodOral abstract session with live Q&AA21
OAA0202 SMAC mimetic plus triple combination bispecific HIVxCD3 DART® molecules in SHIV.CH505-infected, ART-suppressed rhesus macaquesOral abstract session with live Q&AA18
OAA0106 Virological and immunological evaluation of individuals with spontaneous persistent viral control without ARTOral abstract session with live Q&AA4
OAA0105 Assessing the T cell compartment of the extremely rare phenotype of elite control in childrenOral abstract session with live Q&AA7
OAA0104 Suppression of HIV-1 linked long non-coding RNAs in viremic HIV-1 positive individuals is associated with ongoing viral replicationOral abstract session with live Q&AA15
OAA0103 In-depth characterization of full-length archived HIV genomes in long-term post-treatment and natural HIV controllers (ANRS CODEX/iVISCONTI Cohort)Oral abstract session with live Q&AA4
OAA0102 Low levels of intact proviral DNA in HIV elite controllers associate with cell-associated HIV RNA and protective HLA allelesOral abstract session with live Q&AA4
LBPEF61 Biopolitics and governmentality in the age of CoVID-19: Biological citizenship (or lack thereof) of key populations in the response against HIV, HepC & other STIs during a national lockdownE-posterF27
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