PEF1877 Analysis of HIV-related laws and policies in 23 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: "Mira que te miro"E-posterF52
PEF1878 Ending the epidemic strategies in different regions of the United States: Progress and deeper challenges at the launch of the United States Ending the HIV Epidemic (USEHE) InitiativeE-posterF52
PEF1879 Impact of the HIV universal test and treat strategy on antiretroviral treatment uptake and retention in three Cameroon HIV clinicsE-posterF52
PEF1880 Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance impact on PEPFAR's DREAMS PartnershipE-posterF52
PEF1881 Medicaid expansion impacts on health insurance churn among women living with or at risk for HIV in the United StatesE-posterF53
PEF1882 Impact of legal protections on scale-up of prevention services for key populationsE-posterF53
PEF1883 From "population group" to "behavioural risk factors": Community response shifts public health strategies for sex workers in STBBI prevention policies in CanadaE-posterF53
PEF1884 Insurance coverage and viral suppression among people with HIV in the United States, 2015-2017E-posterF53
PEF1885 Quantifying PEPFAR's role for women and girls: Analysis of monitoring, evaluation, and reporting indicator data, 2016-2019E-posterF53
PEF1886 The Global Fund Human Rights M&E revolution: Demonstrating impact of comprehensive human rights programsE-posterF53
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