PEF1746 Community efforts successfully leads the policy changeE-posterF6
PEF1747 Mission (im)possible: How community of PLHIV shall change patent national legislation on access to treatment in UkraineE-posterF6
PEF1748 Building community consensus on HIV/AIDS discrimination in Nigeria to encourage state action on anti-stigma lawE-posterF6
PEF1749 Implementation of the state-of-the-art legal aid tools for people living with HIV by community-led organizationE-posterF6
PEF1750 Reduction of gender-based violence (GBV) in the Kédougou gold region: What community participation?E-posterF6
LBPEF58 The Affordable Care Act and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: Regional disparities in qualified health plan coverage and prior authorization requirements, 2018-2020E-posterF7
LBPEF59 Criminalization of consensual sex between men associated with poor access to HIV-services for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men worldwide: Findings from GMHR 2019-2020E-posterF7
PEF1751 Enabling access to care: Coverage of HIV testing and treatment is higher in countries with supportive policy environmentsE-posterF7
PEF1752 Treading lightly: Navigating the Shadowlands between policy and law for sexual and gender minorities in East and Southern AfricaE-posterF7
PEF1753 National Ex-prisoners Associations in Southern Africa breaking barriers and creating alliances for regional advocacy to improve access to HIV/AIDS, psycho-social resilience and mental health servicesE-posterF7
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