OAB0102 Neurocognitive correlates of alcohol and cannabis use problems among adolescents and emerging adults living with HIV: ATN 129Oral abstract session with live Q&AB59
OAB0103 Construct validity supports use of a novel, tablet-based neurocognitive assessment for adolescents and young adults affected by perinatal HIV from vulnerable communities in the United StatesOral abstract session with live Q&AB8
OAB0104 High levels of mental health resilience among adolescents living with HIV in Thailand and CambodiaOral abstract session with live Q&AB24
OAB0105 Depo-Provera worsens bone loss with TDF-containing ART initiation in young womenOral abstract session with live Q&AB43
OAB0106 Optimization to dolutegravir-based ART in a cohort of virally suppressed adolescents is associated with an increase in the rate of BMI change and odds of becoming overweightOral abstract session with live Q&AB56
OAB0202 Late-onset opportunistic infections while on ART in Latin AmericaOral abstract session with live Q&AB11
OAB0203 Effects of immune-check point inhibitors on anti-HIV specific immune responses and HIV-reservoir in people living with HIV (PLHIV) and cancerOral abstract session with live Q&AB40
OAB0204 A new tool for achieving the first goal of UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets - HIV self-testing with urineOral abstract session with live Q&AB4
OAB0205 Vesatolimod, a toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist, induces dose-dependent immune responses in HIV controllersOral abstract session with live Q&AB40
OAB0302 Analysis of protocol defined virologic failure through week 48 from a phase 2 trial (P011) of islatravir and doravirine in treatment-naïve adults with HIV-1 infectionOral abstract session with live Q&AB30
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