OAALB0103 CCR5 antibody blockade protects rhesus macaques from rectal SHIV acquisitionOral Abstract SessionA24
OAALB0104 Vaccination against HIV-1 with interbilayer cross-linked multilamellar vesicles carrying SOSIP trimerOral Abstract SessionA25
OAB0102 Neurocognitive correlates of alcohol and cannabis use problems among adolescents and emerging adults living with HIV: ATN 129Oral Abstract SessionB59
OAB0103 Construct validity supports use of a novel, tablet-based neurocognitive assessment for adolescents and young adults affected by perinatal HIV from vulnerable communities in the United StatesOral Abstract SessionB8
OAB0104 High levels of mental health resilience among adolescents living with HIV in Thailand and CambodiaOral Abstract SessionB24
OAB0105 Depo-Provera worsens bone loss with TDF-containing ART initiation in young womenOral Abstract SessionB43
OAB0106 Optimization to dolutegravir-based ART in a cohort of virally suppressed adolescents is associated with an increase in the rate of BMI change and odds of becoming overweightOral Abstract SessionB56
OAB0202 Late-onset opportunistic infections while on ART in Latin AmericaOral Abstract SessionB11
OAB0203 Effects of immune-check point inhibitors on anti-HIV specific immune responses and HIV-reservoir in people living with HIV (PLHIV) and cancerOral Abstract SessionB40
OAB0204 A new tool for achieving the first goal of UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets - HIV self-testing with urineOral Abstract SessionB4
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