PDA0105 Modelling endothelial function in vitro and via blood sampling to assess cardiovascular risk in people living with HIVPoster exhibitionA29
PEA0067 HIV infection induces human endogenous retroviruses and LINE-1 expression in breast cancer tissuesE-Poster BU Poster exhibitionA29
PEA0068 Salt-sensitivity is associated with hypertension, inflammation and non-dipping blood pressure in HIVE-posterA29
PEA0069 Re-imagining resilience: HIV, the trauma trajectory and the opioid crisisE-posterA29
PEA0070 Regionalization and Integration of screening services for collaborative prevention and control of HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis and HSVE-posterA29
PEA0071 Evaluation of second line antiretroviral programmatic and treatment outcomes in Mozambique between 2015-2017E-posterA29
PEA0072 Abortive viral replication in HIV-infected hepatocytes: Is it Beneficial or Detrimental?E-posterA29
LBPEA02 Drug resistance to novel non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor Elsulfavirine among drug naïve HIV-infected Caucasian and Asian patientsE-posterA3
PEA0014 Development of resistance to raltegravir through Q148 pathway is restricted in subtype F integrase genes from BF recombinantsE-posterA3
PEA0015 Phylogeny-based transmission dynamics of HLA-associated amino acid variants in HIV-1 infected individuals in GhanaE-posterA3
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