PEA0024 Aging B-cells (ABC) and anti-Env humoral responses are associated with T-bet expression in B-cells of perinatally HIV infected children (PHIV) treated within 24 months of life (the CARMA cohort)E-posterA6
PEA0025 Lower immune activation & exhaustion in people living with HIV infected perinatally than in adult ageE-posterA7
PEA0026 Impact of early antiretroviral therapy on B and CD4 T cell dynamics in lymphoid tissues of SIV infected rhesus macaquesE-posterA7
PEA0027 Differences between hyperimmune CD4+ T-cell recovery in chronic HIV patients vs acute HIV patients favors early treatmentE-posterA7
PEA0028 Increased frequency of naïve T cell is a distinctive characteristic of young adults with perinatal HIV infectionE-posterA7
PEA0029 Resident memory CD8+ T cells control the HIV reservoir in cervixE-posterA8
PEA0030 Longitudinal genital cytokine signatures of Sub-Saharan African women assigned to DMPA versus Net-ENE-posterA8
PEA0032 The impact of semen exposure on cytokine response and bacterial vaginosis in the female genital tractE-posterA8
PEA0033 Mother to child transmission rates and care for HIV-exposed infants in UgandaE-posterA9
PEA0034 Amino-acid deletion in Gag p6 domain alters galectin-3 promoting effects on virus infection of HIV-1 CRF07_BC from injecting drug usersE-posterA9
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