OAA0305 Sequence and structure guided HIV-1 clade C trimeric immunogen design to induce neutralizing and V1V2 directed antibody responsesOral abstract session with live Q&AA25
OAA0306 Protective efficacy of a vaccine inducing Gag/Vif-specific CD8+ T but not CD4+ T cells against repeated intrarectal low-dose SIVmac239 challengesOral abstract session with live Q&AA27
OAA0307 Co-immunization of DNA and protein in the same anatomical sites induces superior protective immune responses against SHIV challengeOral abstract session with live Q&AA28
OAA0402 Contribution of monocytes and CD4 T cell subsets in maintaining viral reservoirs in SIV-infected macaques treated early after infection with antiretroviral drugsOral abstract session with live Q&AA17
OAA0403 Cell proliferation contributes to the increase of genetically intact HIV over timeOral abstract session with live Q&AA16
OAA0404 Multiple sanctuary sites for intact and 'defective' HIV-1 in post-mortem tissues in individuals with suppressed HIV-1 replication: Implications for HIV-1 cure strategiesOral abstract session with live Q&AA16
OAA0405 High-throughput characterization of HIV latent reservoir demonstrates integration into genes associated with inflammation, cell cycle, and nuclear envelope assembly, enrichment in accessible chromatin, and large amounts of defective provirusOral abstract session with live Q&AA16
OAA0406 The size of HIV reservoir is associated with telomere shortening and immunosenescence in early ART-treated HIV-infected childrenOral abstract session with live Q&AA16
OAALB0101 Induction of cross-neutralizing antibodies and protection from heterologous tier-2 SHIV challenge by an mRNA-based vaccine in macaquesOral abstract session with live Q&AA25
OAALB0102 HIV envelope BG505 SOSIP immunization induces autologous virus and CD4 binding site-specific B cell lineage antibody precursor responses in infant rhesus macaquesOral abstract session with live Q&AA26
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