LBPEA06 Reanalysis of native RNA sequencing of HIV-1 supports spliced HIV mRNA packaging into virions as a new hybrid segmented retrovirus modelE-posterA2
LBPEA05 Characterising the serum metabolic profile of HIV/TB co-infectionE-posterA30
LBPEA04 Novel Gag and Envelope detection assay reveals viral and cellular dynamics during early treatment periods at the single-cell levelE-posterA16
LBPEA03 Vpu inhibitor BIT225 alters T cell activation and homing plasma membrane receptor expression on CD4+T cells (CD28 and CCR7) and monocyte-derived macrophages (CD80 and CD86)E-posterA22
LBPEA02 Drug resistance to novel non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor Elsulfavirine among drug naïve HIV-infected Caucasian and Asian patientsE-posterA3
LBPEA01 Long-acting starch nanoparticle drug delivery system to treat chronic HIVE-posterA22
"Break the chain": Review of administrative and health systems response to the COVID-19 pandemic by India's tropical state of KeralaE-posterE51
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