PEA0049 HIV associated microbial translocation identified by 16S sequencingE-posterA12
PEA0050 Temporal shifts in vaginal microbiota and cytokines in women treated for bacterial vaginosisE-posterA12
PDA0107 Youth perinatal HIV-associated cognitive impairment: Associations with childhood traumaPoster exhibitionA13
PEA0051 Host genetic variation in toll-like receptor 3, retinoic acid signaling, NK cell activation, and hematopoiesis are associated with the HIV reservoir size in peripheral CD4+ T cellsE-posterA13
PEA0052 Placenta and plasma expression profiles of miR3181 and miR199a in HIV+ Cameroonian pregnant womenE-posterA13
PEA0053 Long-term cART markedly mitigates the potency of CXCR4 tropic HIV-1 on mortality and morbidity: Up to 18 years follow-up in a women's cohortE-posterA13
PEA0054 The emerging viral strains of HIV-1 subtype C maintain latency through TFBS variation: An extension of a clinical study from IndiaE-posterA14
PEA0055 DUSQ (DNA ultra-sensitive quantification): A new technology for quantifying the HIV unintegrated linear DNA responsible for pre-integrative latencyE-posterA14
PEA0056 Lymph node-based CD3+CD20+ cells result from membrane exchange between follicular helper T-cells and B-cells and expand following SIV infection in rhesus macaquesE-Poster BU Poster exhibitionA14
OAA0104 Suppression of HIV-1 linked long non-coding RNAs in viremic HIV-1 positive individuals is associated with ongoing viral replicationOral abstract session with live Q&AA15
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