OAA0202 SMAC mimetic plus triple combination bispecific HIVxCD3 DART® molecules in SHIV.CH505-infected, ART-suppressed rhesus macaquesOral abstract session with live Q&AA18
OAXLB0105 The first long-term remission of chronic HIV-1 infection without myeloablation?Oral abstract session with live Q&AA18
PEA0061 Identification of novel compounds that reactivate HIV replication from latently infected CD4 T cellsE-posterA18
LBPEA06 Reanalysis of native RNA sequencing of HIV-1 supports spliced HIV mRNA packaging into virions as a new hybrid segmented retrovirus modelE-posterA2
PEA0010 HIV genetic variability and isomiR presence: Effect on the effectiveness of anti-HIV microRNAsE-posterA2
PEA0011 Insights from HIV-1 transgene insertions in the murine model of HIV-associated nephropathyE-posterA2
PEA0012 Autophagy flux modulating compounds influence human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infectionE-posterA2
PEA0013 Expression of CircRNAs in HIV-1 infectionE-posterA2
OAA0205 Combining a conditional suicide gene with CCR5 knockout for anti-HIV gene therapyOral abstract session with live Q&AA20
OAA0206 Gene therapy with an anti-tat gene can strongly block HIV-1 transcription and virus replication in mouse models of infectionOral abstract session with live Q&AA20
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