OAF0204 Involvement of law enforcement agencies in responding to GBV against LGBTI people and in reducing their vulnerability for better access to healthcare for key populations in the city of DoualaOral abstract session with live Q&AF9
OAF0403 Utilizing individual level data to assess the relationship between prevalent HIV infection and punitive same sex policies and legal barriers across 10 countries in Sub-Saharan AfricaOral abstract session with live Q&AF9
PEF1762 3-step research on patent monopolies impact on access to essential treatment for HIV patientsE-posterF8
PEF1763 Oppositions against abusive patents on medicines by civil society: An effective way to break market monopolies and reduce treatment costsE-posterF8
PEF1764 Promotion of access to medicines: Is compulsory licensing or voluntary licencing the answer?E-posterF8
PEF1765 Countering HIV and hepatitis excessive drug prices in Europe by adopting intellectual property strategies from activists in low- and middle-income countriesE-posterF8
PEF1766 Public purchases and HIV in Guatemala, 2018E-posterF8
PEF1767 Patent Oppositions Academy. A promising community-driven learning initiative to prevent low quality patents on medicines and promote access to treatmentE-posterF8
PEF1768 The development of drug pricing principles to strengthen equitable and sustainable access to HIV and HCV prevention and treatment in the U.S.E-posterF8
LBPEF58 The Affordable Care Act and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: Regional disparities in qualified health plan coverage and prior authorization requirements, 2018-2020E-posterF7
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