PEF1745 Proxy consent and case management of adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV): The case of Iloilo City, PhilippinesE-posterF5
PEF1865 The anti-gay law: Its impact and consequences on human immunodeficiency virus prevention in Nigeria. A qualitative study of MSM community on humanitarian protection in United KingdomE-posterF49
PEF1866 Housing status and HIV viral Load suppression among Alameda County Ryan White clientsE-posterF49
PEF1867 Challenges in endorsing transgender rights bill as law in IndiaE-posterF49
PEF1868 Yielding results through HIV sensitive social protection in SudanE-posterF49
PEF1869 São Paulo PrEPared in all regions for more vulnerable and prioritized populations against HIV epidemics in BrazilE-posterF49
PEF1870 Sex-positivity in public health strategies and medical consultingE-posterF49
PEF1871 Legal and policy review on LGBTIQ people's access to HIV, health and social protection services in CambodiaE-posterF49
LBPEF60 Home-based ARV delivery during COVID-19: From policy to practice in Jakarta, IndonesiaE-posterF48
OAF0102 Maintaining epidemic control in Namibia: Designing the optimal package. Lessons from ACS support to the Namibian GovernmentOral abstract session with live Q&AF48
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